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Elastic wrist wraps


The Reeva elastic wrist wraps offer firmness, which ensures a more natural feel during your workout. The wrist wraps are made with denser fibers, making it more stability. The specially designed plastic border around the velcro of the wrist wraps ensures that the WIRST wraps stay in place and they are easy to remove. The wrist wraps are 35 centimeters long and 7.6 centimeters wide.

The wrist wraps are made from the most durable elastic material so that it does not go raffles. The material is also absorbent, making it ideal for Weightlifting and Funtcional Fitness. The wrist wraps have a thumb walk to make them easier.

This product is suitable for men and women. Only available per pair.

Carefully designed in the Netherlands.

Handmade, stabbed to death with materials we know and trust. That's how we do it. All our products are hand-made in the Netherlands and produced with the best materials and craftsmanship.